Thursday, August 23, 2007

Simple Budget Weddings

Budget weddings

One way to plan for budget weddings is to shop second hand stores. Paying high prices for something you will only wear once doesn’t make much sense. No matter how you look at it. If you have the crazy thought that maybe some day your daughter will want to wear your wedding dress, look at it like this.

1. Your not wanting to wear your mother's right now.

2. The styles that are in right now WILL NOT be "in" when she gets ready to tie the knot.

While planning your budget wedding, try this alternative on for size. Instead of getting a tux how about going with a suit. They are just as nice and you can wear them over and over again. If you don’t want your wedding to be that formal then how about some slacks and a shirt with a tie. Get all the groomsmen to wear one color of tie and groom to wear a different color.

I know I'm going to get off on the wrong foot with this one, but here it goes. In planning a budget wedding you are to stay from big cost and this is one that is no secret. To a woman shoes are a big part of their wardrobe. That doesn’t mean it also has to be a big cost. Let’s face it how many people are gonna be looking at your feet anyway. Get you a shoe that feels good and that you like. It doesn’t matter what the color because you can always have them dyed. How many weddings have you been to where the bride has her shoes off by the time she gets to the reception anyway. Now just think about that for a minute. Half way through her big day and she has already pulled off one of the items that she stressed over and spent days looking for, not to mention the MONEY that was spent on them. Now if your one of those wild and care free women, how about going bare footed. It really is not that uncommon at all. Look at the time and money you will save on that little trick.

I know that on your wedding day the bride is to be the most beautiful person in the room, that’s why the brides pick out the most awful dresses for their brides maids. Don’t think that you’re the only one on a budget here. Now when you get that atrocious brides maid dress picked out, try to think about their pocket book for a minute. If they have to buy that dress you know that it will never be worn again, PERIOD! So try to find a rental store that has that same awful dress or as close to it as you can get. Remember that these are your friends and the only reason they have agreed to be in your wedding is because they are your friends, so keep that in mind.

Doing your own hair style for your wedding can save you a small fortune. This also gives you the freedom to experiment on a lot of different styles for FREE. Going to school is not the only way to learn to do hair but it does help. There are all sorts of ways to get ideas for tons of hair styles. Magazines and the internet are great sources to get some style ideas. Don’t forget about the all free access, the public library. Not only do they have books on hair styles, but what about a how- to do the styles book.

Doing your own make up is another great way to save money on your wedding. You could make this one of those more fun than work areas. Get together all the women of the wedding party and have a make up party. This allows you get loads of ideas from all of your friends and have fun doing it at the same time. You know what they say all work and no play....

No need for a wedding planner in your budget wedding. Choose a good friend to handle the job for you. You need to pick someone that is trust worthy and reliable. Your gonna need someone that can handle the work load. Someone to talk to the staff and have everyone in place. Face it, what is a wedding planner gonna do that you and your friend can’t get accomplished. This person will be there from the beginning with you and know exactly what you want to happen on your special day. Besides your friend knows how you think better than a total stranger.

Now these are a few of my ideas on budget weddings. Click here for even more ideas on Budget Weddings.